Thursday, August 5, 2010

Recently Listed On Etsy: Vintage Holly Hobbie Guilloche Enamel 30x40mm Cabochons

OK, so if you know me at all you'll realize that these Holly Hobbie cabs are a little "cute" for my taste.  However, I do not discriminate when it comes to beads and bead related items so I try to keep an open mind!  Holly Hobbie designs are the ultimate in childhood innocence and have been a favorite of many since the 1970's.  These 30x40mm cabochons are made of metal in the guilloche method, with the metal having a repetitive machined pattern finished with enamel.  The images are obviously decals which have been sealed to keep them securely adhered to the surface.

Any commercially available bezel will convert these into a locket or they can be used in scrapbooks.  How cute would these be decorating a child's room?  There are six different styles and they are being sold individually in our Etsy shop so you can selected your favorite.  

Savor the cuteness here: Beadbrats Etsy Shop: Holly Hobbie Cabochons