Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Now that winter is officially over it's time to start lightening up! Well, it will be once it starts getting warmer. Pretty soon we'll be putting away the coats and sweaters and pulling out our prettiest blouses and dresses so we'll definitely need some new jewelry and accessories to wear with them. If you shop on Etsy (and who doesn't?) the easy way to find everything you need for your warm weather designs is to search Team ESST. The Etsy Supply Street Team is a group of shop owners selling the most fabulous jewelry and crafting supplies on the web. I am a proud member of the team and my shop carries vintage beads, embellishments and other fun jewelry related goodies. Check out the list of team members by category to see what a great variety of supplies we all have.

For all our friends in the Southern Hemisphere looking towards autumn don't forget that you'll also find lots of fall and winter tones there, too.