Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Holidaze...Happy Holidaze...

It used to be that the arrival of Santa at the end of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade was the official kick off of the Christmas holiday season. Decorations and lights went up, Christmas Club savings were budgeted and spent as children everywhere started snooping around hoping to find that much desired toy hidden under their parents' bed. After all, our parents had explained that Santa gets so busy that sometimes parents help him out and who cared who brought it as long as it was under the tree? I had a weakness for dolls and when I used to find the wrapped gifts my Mom had oh so carefully stashed I would gently peel back the tape on one end and sniff the box. Doll plastic had a unique odor and the right smell was sheer heaven!

As years passed and our awareness of other beliefs broadened it generically became the "Holiday Season" with no mention of any particular faith or holiday. Santa's arrival no longer had the impact it used to and holiday gift related television advertising started showing up earlier and earlier. At some point there was absolutely no mention of the ensuing holiday season until after Halloween and now that barrier has been trampled. For the last week or so I have been seeing some heavy handed holiday type TV commercials. I give it another few years and perhaps we'll start kicking off the season just after Labor Day. Can you imagine seeing Santa in a speedo? Catching those last few rays before his busy season begins? Oh my, that image makes me want to run and make some eggnog margaritas!

Anyway, since you have probably already made your list and checked it twice might I suggest somewhere to shop that's always nice? How about...Etsy? Let's face it - you're gonna shop. You know you are so why not do it the easy way? Why waste gas by driving to the mall when you can kick off your shoes, pick up your mouse and click your way to holiday gift heaven? Oh, and don't forget the eggnog margaritas - it makes shopping so much more fun!