Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vintage Sew On Jewels - Our Newest Shop Additions

Now just how fun are these? Just in time for holiday designs, but perfect for whenever a little somethin' somethin' is called for. If you follow the link to our shop & go to the list of sections just click on "Sew On Jewels" to see what's currently listed. There's more coming, too! What's that? You aren't familiar with them? OK, here's the scoop: they are generally "foiled" flat back glass cabochons set into a metal bezel with either holes, channels or some other type of openings on the back. These openings were meant for sewing but they are fabulous in jewelry, mixed media designs, quilts, doll clothes, name it!

There are also some that have glass pieces bonded to a frosted glass backing with two holes & some that are just flat backs with holes. I also put some crystal pieces in this category, too. The montage shows a small selection of some of the pieces currently listed in our Etsy shop. I hope you'll have a look & please ask any questions you might have!