Saturday, November 14, 2009

To Stress or Not To Stress? The Holiday Count Down 2009

OK, so just a couple of weeks ago I did my annual pre-holiday rant, except this time I did it in public! I've always felt that the holiday season gets crammed down our throats earlier & earlier each year and I still stand by that. However, I have had an epiphany of sorts and no, it did NOT involve three ghosts and seeing my entire life fly past my eyes in gritty black and white.

This time I have decided to embrace my inner child and just go for it. After all, once you get past all the crass commercialism and realize that major chain stores who offer extended credit, deferred payments and lay away are not really after our friendship (just our money) then what's left is good will and the perpetual hope for peace on earth. Right? Well cynicism aside there is a certain amount of truth in that belief.

So this weekend I have decided to get my jingle on and up goes our tiny little tree and the sparkling lights and the tinsel garlands and whatever other stuff we have to decorate with. I will draw the line at the nativity set and will hold that back for at least another month. I don't expect Mary to spend a full half of her last trimester kneeling on top of my television set. I will leave her to rest peacefully in her bed of tissue paper until a more appropriate time.

I will also hold off a bit on the holiday music - probably until after Thanksgiving. That gives me another couple of weeks to prepare to make the transition from Snow Patrol to Let it Snow.