Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just Listed On Etsy: Vintage Intricate Glass Bead Bracelet To Repurpose

I am a little confused about the story behind this vintage bracelet from Japan.  I can't imagine that they would have gone though so much work to create this unusual flowered clasp and then attach the 3 beaded strands so poorly.   Although I can think of a couple of possible reasons.  One, it could have been a customs/shipping thing where it cost less to import a not completely finished piece of jewelry.  The other thought that comes to mind it that they may have been made for tourists.  Regardless of the reason, the clasp is well constructed and it's a great piece to either restring in the original style or redesign (repurpose being the latest buzz word) into a more contemporary piece.   One end of one strand broke free after scanning so it definitely needs some TLC.  The parts are all there waiting for you and all the specifics are in the Etsy listing!

Have at look at it in my Etsy shop:  Vintage Intricate Glass Bead Bracelet